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In both my professional and personal life style I have folded many a silk pocket square/hanky just to find them moving up or down within my pocket a few minutes later. Having over 25 years in a professional business environment, wearing suits, sport coats and attending many a formal event, I found myself at an impass/road block with those little silk pocket squares/hankies.

The time has finally arrived to spend more time enjoying your distinct style and less time adjusting those silk pocket squares /hankies that are contained within your Suits, Sport Coats or Tuxedos pockets.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce to you: "The Hanky Buddy". You'll now be able to fold those silk pocket squares/hankies and let "The Hanky Buddy" hold it, for many hours of enjoyment while being able to sport your individualized distinct style and flare for fashion.

The Hanky Buddy is a unique product that was designed to reduce the bulk and the weight contained within your coats pocket, it is made of the highest quality materials, making it virtually undetectable within your Suits, Sport Coats or Tuxedos pockets. It has a wonderful aesthetic value and the strength to secure firmly into place a 10" to 18" inch silk pocket square or handkerchief with ease.

I have personally been wearing and testing this product for over a year, prior to releasing it to business professionals such as yourselves, making sure that it will meet and or exceed your expectations. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our Web Site and I hope that you too will continue to sport those silk pocket squares/hankies, with the assistance of The Hanky Buddy.

Best Regards,

Paul R. Chur