What is The Hanky Buddy?

The Hanky Buddy is the solution to the age old problem of keeping those pocket handkerchiefs and silk pocket squares from climbing up or doing a disappearing act!


"FREE", 100% Silk Pocket Square, with the purchase of

"The Hanky Buddy!"

It's an inexpensive way to help you accessorize your Personal, Business or Formal wardrobe, and it even comes with a

"30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!"

Just imagine never again having to continually adjust or re-fold your silk pocket squares and pocket handkerchiefs because they're being held firmly into place by

"The Hanky Buddy!"

This unique product has a USA Patent #: 8347417, and was specifically designed to hold silk  pocket squares, as well as pocket handkerchiefs, with ease, which may range in size between 7 and 20 inches in diameter. It's virtually unnoticeable!


The Hanky Buddy is made of the highest quality materials, light weight, durable, and has a wonderful aesthetic value. Leaving nothing to chance, it was also designed to reduce the bulk and weight contained within your coats pocket, it universally fits perfectly within your Suit, Sport Coat or Tuxedos pockets.

* Visit our Order Online page to view the actual product and it's beneficial advantages. You're now only a few clicks away from an incredible value and finally being able to secure your handkerchiefs and pocket squares with the help of 

"The Hanky Buddy!"

(packaging: Suit, Sport Coat or Tuxedo)